Hello friends!

I cannot hold it in anymore: I have become a WordPress-Convert. I will be moving this blog over to WordPress TOMORROW afternoon!

Now do not worry: the URL will remain www.onsugarmountain.com but I need to ask a huge favor of all of you…

Will you please re-subscribe to my new RSS??

Please visit www.onsugarmountain.com THURSDAY NIGHT/FRIDAY MORNING to check out the new site and subscribe via RSS or email.

OR head on over to my Facebook Page and “Like” On Sugar Mountain, and then you will be updated there with the information on the new site. :)

Please and Thank you!

I really hope you will all make the move with me over to WordPress; it’s been an exciting journey so far and I’d love for my readers to join me as I take the next leap with my blog.

See you all on the other side!



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      Thanks Becky!

      I love it – it’s so much more dynamic. I mean I loved my Blogger Blog; it really helped me figure out I wanted to pursue blogging professionally, but I think it was time to make the move. :)

      If you ever want to make the move and want some help let me know! Don’t know how much I could contribute but everything helps, right?

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      Thanks so much Ramona!

      I sadly do not know what I’m doing >_< but the power of Google and WordPress Forums has thankfully guided me in this transition. So happy to know you will be re-subscribing! 😀

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    Congrats on the move, I’m a converter myself. The site looks great too.

    Subscribers that were subscribed before don’t need to re-subscribe though. As long as you have the old blogger blog settings to forward the feed to your current feed address (feedburneer?) then they’ll continue to see the posts. :)

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      Thanks so much Lisa!

      You know I was reading up on that so I hope I forwarded the feed correctly. :) It was like pulling teeth to get the actual site redirect working so fingers crossed on the rss feed redirect!

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