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Nifty Tips: Food Photography Resources for Bloggers
  • food photography resources for bloggers - on sugar mountain

Hello friends!

In case you didn’t already know: my name is Jess…


and I am a Pinterest addict.

It all started way back when Pinterest was still in “request an invite” mode.  I remember opening my Inbox and seeing the acceptance email, and feeling like I’d been allowed into a secret society, full of wonderful secrets about recipes, DIY projects, and adorable photos of fuzzy animals.

Now Pinterest is a household name, or at least it is in my college apartment. The images of cute animals (and cats. I still don’t get why there are so many cats) have soared, as have the deliciously pinnable recipes and intriguing DIY projects that we pin but never end up creating.


Though Pinterest is tons of fun and I can easily lose myself to it for days hours at a time, I have found a great deal of insightful info that is sort of work related? Not that this blog is a chore by any means, but I do want to pursue blogging and social media as a possible career option, and so when I find incredibly helpful links focused on blogging, I’m sure to pin them.

I even have a whole board for these nifty links.


So I thought for today, as I continue to adjust into the 2013 plan of posting every week-day, (which is so totally not freaking me out….okay maybe a little) I’d share with you all a compilation of these links that have helped me grow my blog and improve my social media skills.

AND if you have a slightly pompous, yet completely adorable, significant other who thinks Pinterest is internet-hoarding and inferior to reddit, now you can be like “look at all this cool blogging information I found… ON PINTEREST.”


Today I’ll focus on photography tutorials and tips that I’ve compiled for my own personal reference. These are only just a few, but if you want even more please go check out my Blogging Tips board on Pinterest

1. Taylor Takes a Taste: Endless Food Photography Tips, $15 Lighting Setups, and author of the Photographing FOOD e-book

2. Pinch of Yum: fantastic food blog with fantastic resources for food bloggers like the Tasty Photography e-book.

3. Drizzle and Dip’s 10 Tips for Food Photography and Styling 

4. Sally’s Baking Addiction Bites for Growing Your Blog Series

5. Chocolate Moosey’s Understanding Aperture

And here’s my personal tip: Create a Food Photography Pinterest Board.

Here’s the thing: I’ve realized that I am not a super creative person when it comes to food-styling. Actually, I’m quite terrible at it. So what I’ve been doing is pinning great food photos whose setups seem feasible to me to a Pinterest board called “Gorgeous Food Photography” that I can easily reference while I’m taking pictures of my food.


Not that I’m the person to be taking advice from for food photography, but I have to say I’ve come a long way from when I started this blog, and this Pinterest Board is a great advantage.

There are so many tutorials and tips for aspiring food photographers out there; all you have to do is look. What I love about Pinterest is that if I like a certain post, I can see where it was pinned from and where it was pinned to. It allows me to find more boards about blogging tips, photography tutorials etc., that I would not have discovered on my own.

So there you have it: a Pinterest addict justifying internet hoarding with informative links. Not too shabby, eh? I’m off to compile ingredients for my Super Bowl Sunday feast, so until next week…

Happy Baking!


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